Ibis Insurance is partnering with Sidecar Health

to provide you more options for your health coverage.

Sidecar Health is a revolutionary new health insurance product out on the market for individuals.

Reimagine health insurance by paying your doctor on the spot

Pay your doctor instantly at the time of your visit using your Sidecar Health payment card. Take advantage of discounts doctors offer when you pay upfront – since they don’t need to chase down insurance reimbursements – and get more affordable health care. And, say goodbye to surprise bills down the road.

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If you log into your account and go to the “Get Care” tab, you can search for “coronavirus” and see the benefit amounts that your plan will pay for testing, treatment, and hospitalization due to viral infections like COVID-19.

Your Sidecar Health plan pays fixed benefits for specific procedures and services that are performed by medical providers, rather than fixed amounts based on specific illnesses. So your plan will pay for the treatment rather than the disease. Treatment may vary from person to person.

*Comparison of premiums and coverage quoted to a 30-year-old person, with no pre-existing health conditions and residing in ZIP code 77002, for a premium policy administered by Sidecar Health and an Oscar Classic Gold plan issued by Oscar, and assuming $5,000 total annual health care spend (as of November 7, 2019).

This is a limited benefits insurance plan and is not an expense incurred medical plan. The benefits provided under this plan are limited in nature and are not related to the costs you may incur for health care services. As a fixed indemnity insurance plan, this plan is exempt from many state and federal requirements that apply to other types of health benefit plans. This policy does not provide major medical expense coverage, minimum essential coverage or essential health benefits.

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